Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Sweet Friend

My sweet friend, Jaime, has a beautiful blog. It's called Raising Up Rubies. She is brilliant.

She was kind enough to feature my free printables. She took some cute prints, and made them even more awesome. I'm so thankful! Take a look at her [craft, vintage, DIY] blog -- you won't be disappointed.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Featured in an Etsy Treasury

My "battle print" was featured in an Etsy Treasury. Thanks MojoSteph! If you have a second, check out her shop. She has quite a collection of really amazing jewelry and photography.

[see it there?...bottom left corner]

This ring from her shop is one of my favorites:

I also made a few sales from my etsy shop in the last couple weeks. I'm excited to see where this all goes!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Studio Tour

I organized and rearranged my office most of the day yesterday. I threw out a bunch of junk, and moved a lot to make it more efficient. Here is a tour and time lapse of my studio through the years....

When we moved in to the house, this is the paint job that was on the walls. What were they thinking, right?

I repainted, but pretty much put everything back where it was. 

Still pretty cluttered...everything in one corner, nothing on the walls really, not very neat looking. 

The last few months, I've gotten some artwork on the walls. This one is my favorite. It's a painting my in-laws gave me for Christmas. It was from an auction that supported an adoption for a friend of mine's cousin [tongue twister].

This filing cabinet could really use a paint job....someday I'll paint it white. Right now, it gets little scrapbook labels.  

So here is the view from where I sit. The shelf has been moved, and a lot of the junk has been sorted and cleaned out. I like how I've spread the furniture out a little more. It's not all on one wall anymore.

The filing cabinet is no longer in the back corner.

This is the second desk in the "L formation" with all my pretty office supplies. 

So, not exactly the "pinterest poster child", but I like it. It's cute, and it works. I get a lot done in this little space!

March 2013:

The big change this time was that I moved my computer to the smaller desk in the corner. I'm loving the open space on my big table to work and meet with clients.

A cute tablecloth to hide all the wires and such under the desk. 

 Loving this little corner on top of my filing cabinet. What's not to love about plants and rustic wooden boxes?

My little corner of stationery samples and office supplies. 

I get a lot done in this little space. Thanks for taking the tour with me! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Website

Spent the day redesigning my website.

The old site wasn't branded very well...this new site shows my style much better, and has a bigger focus on weddings.

Here's a screen shot:

Take a look around and let me know if you find any typo's or broken links ;-P