Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Printable - Mine Would Be You

I've been loving this song by Blake Shelton lately. Enjoy this free printable!
Click the image for a high resolution pdf.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Insta - Monday?

I was out of town last weekend, and wasn't organized enough to schedule an Insta-Friday blog post! So here we are... Insta-Monday instead :) 

Last Sunday, we went to lunch and a corn maze with some friends. It was a great day! However, our "fall activity" happened to land on an 80 degree humid, sunny day. Go figure! We had a blast anyway. 

Another Roxy picture... we had a pretty rainy week, and this little buddy was hanging out with me in my office. 

And here's a couple shots my sister took from the weekend. Her fiance recently moved to Baltimore because he was accepted in to the Police Academy. His graduation was this weekend. It happened to land on my birthday, so while I was traveling, Jessy and Nick treated me to a really nice seafood dinner!

The newly engaged couple!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Insta - Friday

It's not instagram without cat pictures. This is my baby, Roxy. She turned 3 this week. Yep -- I'm one of those people.

Rochester Wedding kicked off the wedding season right with their Bridal Show on Sunday! We were excited to be a part of it. We (my and my girl, Arika!!) met so many lovely couples, and I can't wait to jump in to the planning&designing. 

And in case you were wondering, here is what the booth looks like all broken down... waiting to be packed up!

Every Tuesday is my "long day". All day staff meeting and office hours at my other job, Grace Road Church. Then Turbo Kick at Bounce Aerobics. Then orchestra practice with the Finger Lakes Symphonic Orchestra!  On my drive to practice, I-90 couldn't have looked more beautiful. 

I <3 p="" tuesdays.="">

Happy Weekend!