Thursday, July 18, 2013

Invitation Mailing Tips

Leave yourself enough time to assemble, address and stuff all those envelopes. Here's the traditional order for assembling your invitations:
The invite goes on the bottom; then stack your enclosures on top in order of largest to smallest (the smallest goes on the very top of the pile).
The RSVP card should be tucked into the flap of the reply envelope (so the flap covers part of the text).
Place everything in the envelope so the text is facing outward -- that way guests can read the invitation as they take it out.

You don't want your guests to pop their envelopes in the mail without a stamp or to make them pay for postage to RSVP to your event. Make it easy for them to send back their RSVPs: By putting postage (and a return address) on the RSVP envelopes, you'll ensure they get back to you (or whoever is in charge of the guest list) without a hitch. A standard stamp will do for these smaller cards that don't weigh much.

Make sure you pay attention to postage rates. If you don’t buy forever stamps, make sure guests won’t have to purchase more postage because the stamps on their RSVP are expired.

Before you pop your invitations in the mail, ask the post office to weigh a complete invite so you know exactly how much postage each one requires. This step may sound tedious, but the alternative may mean invitations returned for insufficient postage, which could throw your entire wedding planning timeline for a loop. Enclosures will increase your postage, so keep that in mind when you're deciding on extras like maps or reception cards.

Sometimes, guests will send back their RSVP cards with a response, but no name! Or the handwriting is illegible. It’s a good idea to write a small number in the corner of your RSVP card that corresponds with your guest list. That way, if you get any that you can’t identify,  you can match it up to your guest list. 

You’ve spent a lot of time picking out and creating just the right look with your stationery. Don’t let your invitations be forgotten. Talk to your photographer ahead of time, and then bring your invitations with you on the wedding day. It’s a great keepsake to have professional photos of your invitations along with your rings or other wedding day “props.” 

Monday, July 8, 2013

What I've Been Up To

March, April, and May were busy, busy months for me. All of the brides I met in the fall & winter were ready to print and send out their carefully designed invites. Follow up meetings, detail gathering, proofing, and final printings filled my days.

We are officially in to summer, and things have slowed down at kj design. I'm working on some fall weddings, and details for summer weddings... programs, escort cards, seating charts, etc.

I also decided to start advertising more through Rochester Wedding. I am listed on their website, and will be in their magazine that comes out in August.

My other job just became much busier. I work at Grace Road Church part-time as their "secretary." My official title is "Assistant to the Elders". Fancy, huh? Usually, summers are a little lighter, but our church just went through a whirl-wind two weeks. We found out that we were being evicted from the building we rented, and had to find a new place for our church of 500 in two short weeks. We all worked around the clock to make plans, and do renovations on the new place we miraculously found. Our first Sunday was yesterday! It was a great day!

On a totally random note, I just finished the Harry Potter series. I absolutely loved it. Expect some free printables!

Happy Summer :)