Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Remember this little package that went out a couple weeks ago? Well, I finally get to show you what's inside!

One of the pastor's I work with at Grace Road Church asked me to design a Valentine's card for his sweet wife. He had been reading a book on Lincoln, and sent me a quote. I fell in love with it. Girls, this guy is getting major points for such a thoughtful gift! We decided to make it into an 8x10 print so his wife could put it in a frame on her desk. 

The quote he sent me:

We years ago were lovers.
We are now parents- 
A new relation has taken place.

The love of our offspring has open up fresh fountains of love for each other.
We look forward now to life, not for ourselves only, but for our children.

I loved you for your beauty, grace and loveliness of your person.
I love you now for the richness and surpassing excellence of your mind.

One love has not taken the place of the other, but both stand side by side.

I love you now with a fervor and truth of affection which speech cannot express.  

--- Edwin Stanton to his wife Mary, circa 1840.

And, here's the print!

The story behind it is just as lovely: 
"This excerpt was written by Lincoln's Secretary of War (during the civil war). His wife died after 8 years of marriage, leaving two small children. He poured himself into work and the war during his grief.  He wrote over 100 pages about their love story and relationship to give to his son when he grew up so that his son 'could know what a remarkable Mom he had' and 'would never forget'. I don't know if these words were penned during their relationship or after her death - but he was very passionate about preserving how he felt for his children's memory of her."  

I had so much fun with this one. I decided to post it to my Etsy shop in case anyone wants to order one. 

I hope you love it as much as I do. I love to hear from readers...tell me about your favorite Valentine's memory below!