Friday, March 8, 2013

Studio Tour

Welcome to my studio! I'm so excited to show you around. I love working out of my home. It allows flexibility in my time, as well as keeping overhead costs down. Take a a peek with me!

One thing I love about my space is being able to rearrange and redecorate. I love "branding" it in a way that feels very "kj design". It also makes my work space feel new and fresh, and as a result, I'm more productive.
Here is a post I wrote a bit ago showing the changes that have happened thus far.

This newest change is making me sooo happy.
New desks that match. And are smaller so there is more space for client meetings.
Also, the stacked crates are so awesome.

Cute little office supply & lamp section. 

Similarly cute decorations on top of the filing cabinet.

Love these Target ruffle curtains.

Ahh... happy spaces make work days so much better. 

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