Wednesday, November 13, 2013

People are More Important

I've had this phrase floating around in my head a lot lately. I probably didn't make it up... but, I wanted to put it on paper... and hang it in my house.

I find myself often trying to adjust priorities. As an introverted girl, spending time with people wipes me out. It is natural for me to want to curl up on the couch and read, or watch a movie. But, life isn't about my books or TV shows. Life is about people. People are more important.

I have projects I want to get done. I want to exercise more than I do. I want to work more than I do. I want to spend more time in front of a screen. But friends, people are more important than all of those things. There is a time and a place for everything, but I want my life to have an impact on living souls... not inanimate objects.

So... here is a free printable. And my first hand-lettered project. Enjoy!

 Click for pdf print.

 Click for pdf print.

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