Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Weddings?

Why not weddings? Everything about them makes me squeal in excitement. The bride in her dress. The look in the groom's eyes as she walks down. The colors. The guests. The music. Everything so unique to fit each bride and groom. Have you ever been to two identical weddings? I didn't think so.

I married the sweetest guy in June of 2009. Ever since planning my own wedding, and designing my own stationery, I have been passionate about other couple's big day.

My favorite part of designing your wedding invitations? Hearing about your wedding. I want to know about the flowers, the dresses, the location, the music. I love the little details. I love hearing about your style and vision for the big day.

Your stationery is the first thing your guests see. Shouldn't it reflect you? Shouldn't it be unique, just as your wedding is unique? I think so.

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